Stainless steel ribbon sculpture

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Stainless steel ribbon sculpture

The stainless steel ribbon sculpture is made of 304 stainless steel material combined with forging and baking paint processes. Combined with lighting effects, it displays a rising golden ribbon, which is also like a burning flame, representing enthusiasm and unrestrained.
Stainless steel ribbon sculpture process
The foundation for painting stainless steel ribbon sculptures should be based on their beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, and stable and in place internal skeleton support. The surface is flat, the lines are smooth and natural, the welding is full and uniform, the grinding and surface treatment are meticulous, and there is no welding mark principle.
1. The stainless steel ribbon sculpture is professionally analyzed and lofted in a computer based on the images of the previous sculpture design, and magnified to the required height of the stainless steel sculpture using a reasonable and coordinated ratio.
2. Proofread and refine the stainless steel ribbon sculpture, and confirm the production after being optimized and reviewed by the sculptor.
3. The image is determined, and the professional stylist cooperates with the sculpture expert to create the modeling according to the modeling image.
4. After the modeling is completed, the structural engineer conducts gravity analysis and load-bearing support on the inner steel frame structure to ensure its stability against wind force of 10 or more. Then, the surface of the inner steel structure is subjected to three times of rust prevention treatment.
5. The steel structure support in the mold is completed, and professional engineers and technicians are responsible for lofting, blanking, cutting, artistic forging, splicing, welding, polishing, surface treatment, and final molding.
6. According to the needs of the owner, the surface effect shall be produced, smooth and smooth, with invisible changes, color difference, rust, and uniform luster.

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