Stainless steel sculpture is a common city sculpture in our life. It is not easy to rust, easy to clean, strong wind resistance and durable. So many city sculptures are made of stainless steel. Stainless steel sculpture thickness without special requirements, generally 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm, 3.0 mm. The bigger the thickness of the sheet, the harder it is to shape, and the higher the price. In fact, the production process of stainless steel sculpture is very simple.

First of all, it is the design of stainless steel sculpture: this is mainly aimed at the customers who need to design. When designing stainless steel sculpture, we should consider its environment and function, so as to determine its content, form, color and so on, so as to design a complete set of stainless steel sculpture program. Dragon Airlines sculpture is based on this, and has made many successful stainless steel sculpture cases.

Next is the clay sculpture sketch production: complex or large stainless steel sculpture needs to be made according to the plan, and then the sketch is scaled up. Some stainless steel sculpture production needs to design the main support, which requires the stainless steel sculptor to know the load, size, shape and so on.

Then is the turning: the clay manuscript is turned into a hard material mold, generally using gypsum mold;

Then there is forging: according to the die forging to create a complete stainless steel sculpture, the sculpture is polished several times, and then its surface treatment;

Next is spray paint on the surface of stainless steel sculpture: stainless steel sculpture itself is silver-white, with luster, but also according to the needs of different colors on the sculpture;

The last step is installation: generally for welding, more solid, that is, the skeleton of the sculpture itself and the base of the embedded iron welding, embedded iron welding steel bar below, according to the size of the sculpture to determine the length of the steel bar and the size of the embedded iron. In order to be beautiful, usually after the installation of the sculpture, the base will be pasted with marble or granite slabs.

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