Stainless steel mountain sculpture

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The stainless steel mountain sculpture uses 304 stainless steel material to forge layers of mountain art forms, combined with polished mirror effect, and the overall grandeur is magnificent. The mountain symbolizes stability, massiness, perseverance, and unshakable.
The stainless steel mountain sculpture uses layers of mountains as the main design element, implying that overcoming many difficulties and finally reaching the peak, the mountains combined with the urban landscape are like a unique landscape painting, with a unique artistic impression.
Stainless steel mountain sculpture process
Stainless steel mountain sculptures are versatile in craftsmanship, novel in style, and widely used in commercial plazas, office environments, public leisure areas, university campuses, residential areas, and villa areas. Liheng stainless steel has a beautiful shape with a metallic texture, and a strong three-dimensional sense. It is generous and elegant, with excellent visual effects. The craftsmanship is quite exquisite. Liheng stainless steel requires exquisite craftsmanship in every process, fully demonstrating luxury and dignity, highlighting taste and strength.

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