Stainless steel dandelion lighting

Being a symbol of long-lasting happiness, dandelions seem to fit perfectly into the surrounding of newly developed residential buildings.

These intricate artworks are meant to show in a macro scale a floral delicacy of nature.

Made of highest quality stainless steel,

with over 3000 elements for each Dandelion, they provide a stunning sight.


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Dandelions are aimed to capture floral delicacy of nature, by using a ‘heavy material’ – metal. The structure of this sculpture, in the daylight gives the impression of inner reflections in lenses made of approx. 10,000 arch rods. The lightning effect at night is the effect of one main metal-halogen reflector in the base of the sculpture and two led reflectors for the colour effects. This lightning gives a reflective effect, reproducing the delicacy of the dandelion as a plant. Exposing the dandelion in a bigger scale transforms the delicate plant, which in real life is very small, into a macro scale to enhance the spectator’s experience and to show the magnificence of nature.

The spectator is impressed by the subtlety of nature, achieved by enhancing the scale of the object. The artwork’s aim is to show everyone that there is unrecognized beauty in frequently forgotten little meadow flowers, by enhancing their scale. Dandelions refer to biomimicra, by tranfering solution of nature into the metal construction used to build the sculpture. The sculpture is going to be placed by canal bank. The light vibration caused by the sculpture will be duplicated by its reflection on water.

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