Customized Outdoor Garden Stainless Steel Decorative Ornaments Metal Ant Sculpture

Type Customized Outdoor Garden Stainless Steel Decorative Ornaments Metal Ant Sculpture
Materials 304 or 316 Stainless steel
Size customized
Payment T/T L/C  (Payment: T/T, L/C, and Customized)
Packing Outer in 3CM standard wooden crate, inner in plastic or foam
Arrival time 25-45 days to produce,25-45 days transport (Many stocks for you to choose)
Marked We can take orders according to photos or drawing from you
Quality standard We have our own professional QC team to ensure quality. Of course, it’s

our pleasure to welcome your QC team to check quality in our factory

if necessary

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Ant stainless steel sculpture expresses the charm of subtle sculptures
Ant sculpture is a highly popular art form in recent years, using small and exquisite sculptures to express people’s love for natural landscapes and subtle spaces. Although its concept has not been unfamiliar in recent years, even so, it is still quite attractive, to the extent that many artists have turned their eyes askew towards it.
Ant sculpture can be said to be a trend recently. In many countries, many communities have their own unique ant sculptures, such as stone, wood, steel, and stainless steel, which are full of modern and intelligent design inspiration, able to showcase the beauty of details, rather than just large and astonishing statues.
Ant sculptures have their unique charm. They are small and precious, compressed, and a mixture of space and non space, allowing people to feel the excellent artistic language. At the same time, they have also sparked rich discussions, allowing people to have a stronger understanding of the exquisite characteristics of this sculpture.
On the other hand, ant sculptures can also be said to symbolize the “Chinese Dream”. They are small, beautiful, and intoxicating, symbolizing true humility and propriety. This is reflected in the spiritual value and conceptual characteristics of our culture, and is a representative form of enriching Eastern culture.

Shipping & Delivery

      We try our best to do the smallest area and strongest to pack products,in order to save shipping fee for clients.

     &nBspblanket + pearl wool + bubble film + steel shelf /wooden box =perfect packing------our package.