2100mm Garden Large Metal Ball

Large Stainless Steel Spheres
Hand Made
Any size is available on your request
High quality AISI304 or AISI316 steel
1mm to 6mm thickness available.

multiple color available Finish is available with mirror polished,Raw finish,

Brushed,Sandblasted,Electroplated or spray painting color

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2100mm Garden Large Metal Ball

∅2100mm(∅7ft) Garden Large Metal Spheres
Durable AISI304 stainless steel alloy water pressured with plasma cutting words.
Tube base for installing in ground.
Delivery Time: 7days for Scheduled production.
You can visit this project for installing effect.

2100mm Garden Large Metal Ball Production Method

Water Pressured

This Garden Large Metal Ball is made of durable AISI304 stainless steel.customized the words for a Russian plaza.

firstly we make an entire large metal ball by water pressured. then drawn the Russia words on surface.

after that plasma cutting the layout. finally mirror polishing the surface of the garden large metal balls.


  • Size Range:∅6mm to∅3500MM(∅ .236inch to ∅11 ½ft)
  • Thickness:1mm to 6MM(20GA to 12GA)
  • Finish is available with mirror polished,Raw finish,Brushed,Sandblasted,Electroplated or spray painting color.
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