Sculpture knowledge

The Origin of Abstract Sculpture

Abstract sculpture is a modern sculpture type that combines body symbols or geometric symbols with ideas. It is made with abstract artistic techniques, fully emphasizing the artist’s subjective ideas and discarding the reality of life. As an artistic technique, ” abstraction refers to the unidentifiable content in art that has no direct relationship with the external world. Although it also belongs to a reflection, it is not a mirror like faithful reflection.

Abstract sculpture just condenses, swims, separates and combines modeling elements such as point, line, surface, color, etc. in space. As the goal of the exhibition, through the interaction of the above modeling elements, a certain visual image is formed, a certain meaning is conveyed, and a sculpture type with a certain atmosphere and beautiful form is formed.

Abstract sculpture, as an artistic technique, has been used more or less in the creation process of any art. However, abstract sculpture with truly independent characteristics emerged in the first half of the 20th century, which is an extreme of the development of sculpture art.