Abstract: As the basic research theory, fundamental principle and basic creation technique of all design activities, modern sculpture art and painting art have always penetrated into all aspects of modern design. For example, if we want to engage in design work, sculpture art and painting art will be studied as basic training subjects. Then in the design work, sculpture art and painting art are also taken as the basic design principles to regulate and guide the design behavior. Finally, in terms of expression of design activities, sculpture art and painting art are also widely used as general means of expression. It can be said that sculpture art and painting art together affect the whole content of modern design. This article discusses the deep connection and mutual influence between art furniture and modern sculpture from three aspects of the occurrence, development and sublimation of furniture design.

  1. A furniture designer should first be a modern sculptor
    When we choose a piece of furniture, we often evaluate how the furniture has a sense of sculpture and looks like a beautiful handicraft. Some great designers even said that a good furniture design work is no less aesthetic than a sculpture work. It can be seen that the artistic images of sculpture and furniture not only have the same characteristics, but also have a very close relationship. Furniture manufacturing has a long history, rich formal language, and flexible production techniques. No matter what form it takes, it can not be separated from aesthetics. What are the common characteristics of modern sculpture and furniture?
    Sculpture and furniture are objects that exist in real life. They are objects that the creators use artistic techniques to add infectious power to inanimate substances. People’s visual, tactile and other sensory functions can fully feel them and achieve the unity of spirit and material.
    Sculpture and furniture form the final form through a certain and organized structure: both sculpture and furniture need a stable and reasonable supporting structure, paying attention to the form of objects. And this form composition should bear a certain weight of the object itself and conform to certain physical laws. These basic requirements establish the final form of sculpture and furniture, which is also different from painting, music, dance and other art forms.
  2. Modern sculpture endows furniture with symbolic meaningThe so-called symbol refers to the use of specific things to express some abstract concepts and feelings with their appearance characteristics and properties. In ancient times, sculpture at that time was in a period when realism was the main means of expression. The influence of sculpture on furniture at that time was mainly reflected in how to echo the functional form of furniture and set off the formal beauty of furniture, and sculpture often appeared as a decorative component in ancient furniture.In the design of modern furniture, sculpture has got rid of the bondage that only serves as a foil or as a structural component of architectural decoration. Modern sculpture is closely combined with furniture functions as an independent modeling form. For example, at the end of the 1960s, Alan Qiongjin designed a table in 1969, and the entire furniture model used a lifelike half naked female figure as the support of the glass desktop; Italian avant-garde designers use some parts of the human body to carry out creative furniture design. They design the sofa in the form of lips or hands, which reflects the characteristics of soft sculpture and shows the wisdom and humor of contemporary people in life. As an important aspect of the artistic expression of the whole furniture, modern sculpture gives the furniture a symbolic meaning of wild.

3.How to apply modern sculpture to furniture design
In fact, furniture and modern sculpture are integrated everywhere. It can even be said that the practical functionality of furniture has sublimated the ideas and concepts that modern sculpture wants to express. Sculpture in turn has enriched the creative form of furniture, opened the minds of creators, and has more image structures that can be used by home designers. However, the influence of modern sculpture on furniture must not stay in the simple aspect of the sense of form. There is still a big difference between furniture and sculpture in terms of actual functionality.
The design classification of modern furniture and sculpture should be more and more detailed
The design classification of modern furniture and sculpture should be more and more detailed. It should be designed for different people and different functional requirements. Therefore, to meet people’s needs, to study people’s life and aesthetic taste, as well as the living environment of the room, is a major aspect of modern sculpture and furniture design principles. According to different functional requirements, combined with the characteristics of different living environments, so as to achieve the ideal design purpose.
In terms of artistic language expression, we should pay attention to the reasonable integration of each other
A good sculpture or furniture is often the inevitable result of a new material, new technology and new craft. With the rapid development of modern industrial technology, furniture designers need more unique design concepts and sharp design thinking. The progress and development of science and technology provide rich materials and structural methods for furniture design. Modern sculpture can be used as an experimental object, or a means of trying, to provide a powerful reference for home design.

  1. Summary
    From ancient times to the present, in addition to their rich life experience and creation experience, furniture designers can also get inspiration from painting, architecture, stainless steel sculpture and other artistic methods. Just like absorbing nutrition from other disciplines, furniture design is not only to solve functional problems, but also to carry out rich artistic treatment of simple life forms and life experiences. In turn, the functional geometric form and abstract form of furniture modeling will also affect the changes in the aesthetic perspective and style of modern sculpture. Therefore, it is very important to strengthen the designers’ self-cultivation from the design theory. Furniture design must require designers to have a rich interpretation of art. Designing furniture is to design a modern sculpture that can be used.