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The important position of the development of modern metal sculpture

Modern metal sculpture is an important part of the modernist art movement and plays an extremely important role in the development history of plastic art. Its emergence has its profound social and historical roots and ideological and cultural roots, and is the inevitable result of the development of the times. Modern metal sculpture was born with the arrival of the industrial age, and exists as a response to mechanical civilization.

As one of the representatives of the “Iron and Steel Age” of mankind, modern metal sculpture undoubtedly reflects the spirit and cultural connotation of this era. It is full of revolution. Through the abandonment and subversion of the theme, the liberation and emphasis of the form, the discovery and attempt of materials, the emphasis and dependence on the craft, and the exploration and creation of space, traditional metal sculpture has changed its artistic concept and aesthetic ideal for thousands of years, It will push the formalistic aesthetics of modernist art to the peak.

Chinese modern metal sculpture is the product of the worldwide development and influence of western modern metal sculpture. While accepting the influence of the artistic language and form concept of western modern metal sculpture, Chinese modern metal sculpture strives to start from the local place, absorb the cultural essence of Chinese traditional sculpture art, and maintain the inheritance of its own national culture.

However, while absorbing the form concept of western modern metal sculpture and the spirit connotation of traditional Chinese traditional sculpture, Chinese traditional metal sculpture shows a duality, that is, while learning from the West and inheriting the tradition, it makes targeted choices according to its own characteristics, selects its essence and discards its dross, so that Chinese traditional metal sculpture can develop healthily and perfectly.

Through the analysis of western modern metal sculpture and the study of Chinese modern metal sculpture, it is helpful for us to understand many historical and logical factors of the emergence and development of modern metal sculpture from the source, grasp the problems and opportunities in the current field of Chinese metal sculpture from a realistic perspective, and combine the research on theoretical issues with the analysis of the actual situation, Finally, it can give us a positive guiding role in our creative practice.

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