Stainless steel ribbon sculpture

Product Type
Stainless steel sculpture
304 Stainless steel/316 Stainless steel
120cm/150cm/180cm/200cm/300cm,Can be customized size
Casting process
Packed in strong wooden case
We use high tech 3Dprinting technology to make pattern and model of sculpture for  Stainless steel sculpture
Garden/Square/ Shopping mall
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Stainless steel ribbon sculpture

The stainless steel ribbon sculpture uses 304 stainless steel material forging and polishing mirror technology, and its overall grandeur has a very high artistic effect both during the day and at night. Chinese modern metal sculpture has gradually developed and matured under the profound influence of Western modern metal sculpture. The most fundamental feature of modern Western metal sculpture is its adherence to the principles of formalistic aesthetics, with the central content of exploring the connotation of metal materials themselves and exploring spatial forms, emphasizing originality and avoiding the impact of thematic content on the work. That is to say, the focus of modern metal sculpture is on the sculpture itself, pursuing the “self-discipline” of art, and all ideological and literary content principles unrelated to form have been abandoned.
Stainless steel ribbon sculpture process
The stainless steel ribbon sculpture uses a metal polishing process, which undergoes multiple polishing and polishing of the mirror effect. The three-step mirror polishing method is used. The three-step mirror polishing is a sequential combination of polishing power tools using three polishing materials, namely, composite shutter disc, synthetic polishing disc, and wool strip polishing disc. The polishing process is composed of composite shutter disc, synthetic polishing disc, and the surface polishing process is wool strip polishing disc.
At first, polish it with a 60 # thousand blade wheel, and make it even. The backing is crucial. Then use a sander to install the 120 # flocking sand sheet on the polishing adhesive plate, move it back and forth, and then follow the sequence: No. 180, No. 240, No. 320, No. 400, No. 600. Cover and polish it over and over again. At this time, you will see that the product has become shiny. Grind it evenly with white polishing wax on a hemp wheel, and then use a cloth wheel to polish it. This is the mirror surface. If the requirements for smoothness are high, it can be polished with No. 800 and No. 1000 before applying polishing wax. The effect is similar to a mirror.

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