Stainless Steel Earth Sculpture


Stainless Steel Earth Sculpture

Size customized
Color Silver, Beige, red, green, or other colors
Technics Cutting, Welding, and Painting
Material High quality 304, 316 Stainless Steel
Quality standard 1.Over 8k high polished degree
2.The material used strictly according to international standard
3.Precision argon arc welding technique4.Professional QC team
5.100% of quality and transportation insurance.
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Stainless Steel Earth Sculpture

The sculpture consists of three main parts: a large stainless steel rotating globe, a medium-sized square base, and a conical support frame at the bottom. The most striking part of the globe sculpture is its sphere made of stainless steel, which presents a high-precision geographical shape on its surface. The diameter of the sphere is about 100 centimeters and the thickness is about 2 millimeters. The shape of each continent has undergone fine grinding and polishing, making it look more realistic. The rotation design of the sphere is ingenious, and when touched, it can slowly rotate, allowing observers to appreciate all angles of the Earth from all angles.
Below the sphere is a square base, measuring approximately 60 centimeters in length, 60 centimeters in width, and 15 centimeters in height. The pedestal not only enhances the artistic sense of the entire sculpture, but also cleverly avoids visual monotony. Inside the base, there are electronic devices that can emit soft light, adding a mysterious atmosphere to the entire sculpture.






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