Sculpture Fantasia stainless Steel balls

Through the external force, the plate surface is forged,
the corresponding shape is formed, and then the multiple
plates are welded and formed, and then polished and polished
to complete the Mirror Stainless Steel Sculpture.

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Sculpture Fantasia stainless Steel balls

Sculpture Fantasia Radiant and exclusive for every garden!!!!

Here I once made a sculpture with a beautiful smooth, flamed granite.

I think this sculpture is even more noble.
Take a look at the pictures. On the last picture I have put together several times so that you can see how beautiful these also harmonize with each other.

When you irradiate the sculptures with an indirect light effect this at night
Mysterious Beautiful!!!

My materials are all stainless, so this sculpture always looks beautiful.

Perfect for any garden lover.

No matter if flower bed, stone garden or at the front door as decoration.

Your neighbors will be amazed.

The height of the sculpture is approximately 75 cm total height and the widest body measured
is approx. 16 cm (Alukante to Stein)
The sculpture weighs about 5-6kg.
is shipped well packaged by DHL.

I create a filling material so that my sculptures can be delivered to you without any damage.

Do you have any questions? I will be happy to answer this as soon as possible.

I would like to thank you for your interest and I would be very happy if you
Creations here.

Thank you very much. Your artist



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