Garden Decoration Large Stainless Steel Sphere water features

Stainless Steel Spheres Water Features is a water feature or sculpture where alarge steel ballsits in a pedestal tube.

the water rippling and flowing over the balls reflective stainless steel mirror surface.

this kind of steel spheres water features is made from durable AISI304 stainless steel or AISI316 stainless steel.

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we add inner pipe through the hollow steel balls, with a funnel shaped ending at the top of the balls.

This shape provides for a more even flow of water from the top of the sphere,

allowing it to flow gently over the entire mirror reflective surface of the balls.

The pipe exits the sphere on the bottom, and regularly has another 10″ length pipe extending out,

and then attached to a square SS base plate for mounting the fountain balls.

These units are custom built for the particular customers,

so lengths of pipe can be customized on your demand, base plates can be custom sized,

Hand-Carved-Metal-Polished-Ball-Water-Fountain Hand-Carved-Metal-Polished-Ball-Water-Fountain Hand-Carved-Metal-Polished-Ball-Water-Fountain

Shipping & Delivery

      We try our best to do the smallest area and strongest to pack products,in order to save shipping fee for clients.

     &nBspblanket + pearl wool + bubble film + steel shelf /wooden box =perfect packing------our package.