Negation of gauge block and volume by stainless steel modern metal sculpture

Outdoor Garden High Polished Stainless Steel Decorative Sculpture

In the concrete practice of the exploration and innovation of space concept by modern metal sculpture, in addition to the above-mentioned exploration of inner space and negative space, there is also a kind of space realization realized by negating the sense and volume of traditional sculpture.

Traditional sculpture pays attention to the maximum occupation of space in the form of entity, paying attention to the treatment of the surface of the sculpture and the reflection of the sense of volume; and by negating the volume and volume of the sculpture, the surface of the original full and solid tension is changed to dry and lacking. The uneven shape of the sense of volume is a denial of the spatial concept of traditional sculpture from another angle.

If we say that the exploration of inner space and negative space is the macroscopic exploration of modern metal sculpture in spatial understanding, then the negation of gauge and volume proposed here is its microscopic exploration of spatial concept.

 Among the artists who explored space, Alberto Giacometti is a unique style. He artificially rejects the sense of volume and volume that the sculpture has always paid attention to, while leaving behind a very limited space, which makes his works sharply express the inner incitement away from the realistic expressionist style. Those slender human bodies, weathered pits, rough buildings, and stiff and deformed characters are surrounded by a lonely and cold, and the shape of the characters is completely out of reality.

It can be said that the work does not represent the shape of the characters in real life, but the author’s own views and understandings of the world: indifference, loneliness, discrimination, alienation, and his ability to reverse or incapable of stopping against that particular era. The role of sober desperate works in space shows the philosophical thinking of existentialism, and in the form also shows the negation and subversion of gauge and volume.