304 Stainless Steel DIA Hollow Sphere Steel Ball Rainbow Color Ball With Different Size

Product name
Blue Color Metal Baubles Stainless Steel Christmas Balls
Stainless steel 304,316L
300mm (25mm 51mm 63mm 80mm 90mm 120mm 200mm …)
Wall thickness
0.8mm (0.5mm 0.6mm 0.8mm 1.0mm 1.2mm )
Can be polished,brushed , plated and painted color, sanding
red, royal blue, purple, golden,green, black, white, copper and rainbow
rust-proof , no magnetic, corrosion resistant
The technique
deep draw, water pressure, nano plating,spray lacquer
Corrosion Resistance
 316 > 304 > 201
Drill holes, welded pipe, cut words


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304 Stainless Steel DIA Hollow Sphere Steel Ball Rainbow Color Ball With Different Size

These metal balls have a wide range of applications for the designer and fabricator.

They have an ample wall thickness for welding, screwing or tapping.

Hollow balls are mainly used for a variety of ornamental applications,

such as garden yard decoration, window display, Christmas decoration, outdoor or indoor sculpture project, bodybuilding device, food processing, tableware, lamp cover and so on. 

304 Stainless Steel Balls

  • Applied Area:304 stainless steel ball is the most widely used in the market, it can be used in iatrical instrument,chemical industry, avigation. Plastic hardware: scent bottle, sprayer, valve, nail polish, switch, washing machine, fridge, air condition, medicinal materials,automotive fittings,bearing, nursing bottle and so on.
  • Speciality:A representative of Austenitic stainless steel.it is nonmagnetic,but magnetic after rolling, and the magnetism can be taken out, HRC≤26.It has good antirust and anticorrosive capability.
  • Comparison:304HC stainless steel ball is softer and can be pocessed more easily than 304 stainless steel ball, while 304L stainless steel ball has stronger antirust and anticorrosive capability than the above two, It can be jointed easily.
316 Stainless Steel Balls

  • Applied Area: 316 stainless steel ball is used in many special industry as iatrical instrument,chemical industry, avigation, scent bottle, sprayer, valve, nail polish,mobile phone fittings.
  • Speciality: Austenitic stainless steels,It is the best steel ball in the steel ball area,HRC≤26,its Capability is better than 304 stainless steel ball.
  • Comparison: 316L stainless steel ball is more soft and shining than 316 stainless steel ball and can be used in persons’ decoration.


Stainless steel sphere production process

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